Time Flies, Whether or Not You’re Having Fun

It has been almost six months since my last post.  Bad, bad blogger!

Last year at this time, I was posting pictures of my garden.  There were garden giveaways and mystery seedling quizzes.  There were incredulous potatoes.  There were stands of suburban corn.

This year, there is an even bigger garden, but I’ve hardly taken a single picture of it.  Shame on me!  How could I neglect to capture the singular beauty of my first germinated pea?  The return of the dianthus pinks “Firewitch”?  The giant load of sheep manure that’s sitting like a miniature Mount Everest?  There are so many ideal subjects for photography.  I can’t believe I’ve passed them all by.

Dear friends and readers, if you’ve come back or caught me on your blog roll, please know that I’ve missed you all terribly.  I promise to be more faithful to you and my dusty, meagre little web log.  I promise glorious photos with snarky captions, amazing garden news on a regular basis, and possibly, just possibly, another contest of sorts.  And I promise you won’t have to wait another six months for any of it.  Honest.


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