In case you didn’t know, it’s winter here.


And it’s cold. And we have a ridiculous amount of snow.

No Picnics Today

But while the sub-arctic chill we’re enjoying has kept me from typing much at the computer, it did encourage us to daydream about spring. S4 and I spent an afternoon sketching how the backyard might look after the 15-odd inches of snow melts (assuming it doesn’t become a glacier first), and we talked about what we’d like to grow in our garden this year. She is a fan of pickles, so the first thing we put on the list was a stubby variety of gherkins. O3 wanted carrots. I added nasturtiums. We all agreed on potatoes, which the girls don’t care to eat but really like to grow. And then we picked out some herbs, some flowers, and a few other things.

Our seed order was duly placed, and it arrived on Saturday. This is both good and bad. It’s fun to handle little packets of seeds and dream about the lush and luscious plants that will (hopefully) grow out of them. But now spring seems ever so much farther away, and I’m finding myself growing impatient with winter. I have to remind myself that winter is necessary for spring, that the ground needs time to rest and replenish itself (as do I). So for now, I will content myself with poor sketches of garden possibilities and a few more weeks’ worth of anticipation before we get to pull out the seed flats. And I can look at some of these pictures from last year’s gardening efforts to remind myself that it is so worth the wait.

Sweet Basil

Tater Flowers

Toddler Cuke

Oh, and this one helps a lot, too.


3 thoughts on “Seeds!

  1. wow. wow wow.
    i can’t imagine…
    it seems like a whole other world away.
    although now that i think about it, I have lived in places that got covered in snow through winter. but that seems like a whole other lifetime away 😛 And i didn’t give a second thought to things like vege gardens back in those days 😉
    feel free to pop over and share our summer with us…
    still, all the more time for knitting no?

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