Ack! Christmas is Coming!

I’m so lost. Not only have I not crossed anything off a list, I haven’t even made a list yet. And Christmas is in, like, three days! Oh, what is my problem??

Right. List. Let’s see:

-Tree. Check. Did that just before the cookie party, which was weeks ago and I haven’t even blogged about it yet. Sheesh.
-Gifts for kids. Check. I got everything on Amazon and didn’t even have to leave my warm, comfy chair. Niiice.
-Gifts for husband. Not checked. We don’t exchange gifts per se; but I would like to have a few things like socks and a shaver for the kids to give him. Better write that down someplace useful.
-Gifts for other relatives. Not checked. Again, no one wants to exchange gifts this year. Bunch of Scrooges, the lot of them. But I don’t have to listen.
-Christmas baking. Sort of checked. I’ve got a couple of batches of cookies baked. Could make more, probably should, but the world won’t come to an end if I don’t.
-Christmas cards. Not checked at all. At this point, I think they will become New Year cards.

How are your plans coming along?


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