It’s Turkey Time

Actually, it’s not exactly turkey time; that’s still a day away.   But today is the day to do all the prepping and kitchen organizing so that tomorrow, official Turkey day can go off with relatively few hitches and I can spend time with DH and the girls.

I’m trying really hard to get my head in a better place regarding this whole holiday.  This year, more than ever, I am stuck in a dumb rut and really wallowing in the self-pity.  I miss my siblings.  I miss my family.  Heck, I even miss my husband’s family.  I want my kids to have the same wonderful memories of Thanksgiving that I do.  And I am, unfortunately, not helping things with all this doomy gloom.

My husband says that the problem with holidays is that the expectations run impossibly high, and then people end up disappointed.  I think he’s spot-on with that assessment.  I do have high expectations (for everything, but especially holidays).  And I’m already disappointed, and nothing’s even happened yet.

I need to let go of my expectations.  I need to stop comparing holidays present with holidays past.  I need to come up with my own, new, fresh and different definition of a successful holiday, preferrably one that focuses on the good fortune and good health we enjoy now, and not one that bemoans how things used to be.
So how, exactly, does one get the emotional part of the brain to embrace the logical solution that the analytical brain has calculated??

One thought on “It’s Turkey Time

  1. I am used to large family celebrations. Last year, I had just started dating the Lion, so it was too early to spend Christmas with his family. My two girls were off with their boyfriends, so it ended up just being my son, my mother and my father. Only 4 of us! Okay, 6 if you count the two cats. I was so upset leading up to Christmas thinking it was going to be awful with just the four of us. However, we ended up having a blast, and I really enjoyed the dedicated time with my son and parents.

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