Journey’s Begun

Here is a quick summary of our trip, in pictures. I’ve added captions so I would sort of feel that this qualified as an actual *blog* post. 😉

We left Pittsburgh around 7:30 in the morning.


The train was very roomy and comfortable.


O2 even got a special hat. She liked that it was special, but did not particularly care to be wearing it.


I believe the special hat was recycled somewhere near Virginia.

In any case, there was a lot of pleasant scenery to enjoy along the way.

Bro checking out the scenery

More scenery

We soon settled in on our train, starting, of course, with the requisite cup of morning coffee.


How is train coffee, you ask? Hmm.. I am not sure how to answer that delicately. Perhaps I can just say that train coffee is a step up from gas station coffee, but still inferior to a cold, two-day old cup of Dunkin Donuts. Unfortunate, that.

Actually, the most unfortunate part was that I had both a coffee grinder and a bag of beans in my carryon bag. That was unfortunate.

In any case, we entertained ourselves all the way to Philadelphia. The girls spent some quality time with their Nana,


we played some cards in the dining car,

Playing cards with bro and Mom

we checked out even more scenery,

Even more scenery

and generally just kept busy.


Eventually, we hit Philadelphia, where it was time to change trains.

Philadelphia Train Station

Philly, as I found out, is a mecca for weary travellers who have only suffered unfortunate train coffees.

Coffee Oasis

All too soon, it was time to catch our southbound train.


Fortunately, we had just enough time for some much-needed refreshment.

Ice Cream in Philly

Bro's and my coffees

More pictures soon…


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