It’s All In The Adverbs

We’re a little behind on the blog posts.  I know.  I’m sorry.  Things have been pretty hectic.  But we are home, and I’m busy uploading pictures and whatnot, and we’ll soon have a lot of annoying photos postcards from Florida to share.

Meanwhile, a cute snippet for you.

The night we got home, everyone was tired.  Really tired.  We were in bed at least two hours early, even.  S4 and O2 started out sleeping in their own bed, in fact.  They were that sleepy.

O2 woke up around 2AM and needed to go potty.  She then crawled back into bed with me, since I didn’t want her to wake up her sister.

But shortly after, S4 padded into our room.  She whimpered softly in the dark.  “Mama?”  I woke up in time to see her climbing into our bed next to her dad, who put an arm around her without even waking up.  As she snuggled in with all of us, I heard her tell him:

“I don’t want to sleep lonely.”


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