On The Good Foot

This is a [frozen, cleaned, par-boiled] chicken foot.


I made chicken stock yesterday, and how can you make chicken stock without some chicken feet? I ask you.

My girls are not impressed, unfortunately. For some reason, they think Foot Soup is icky.

I guess they sort of have a point.


No one complains when the soup bowls get passed around, however.  So don’t knock it until you try it.

The End.


4 thoughts on “On The Good Foot

  1. We had roast suckling pig, complete with head, for a family party over Thanksgiving (Canadian) Weekend. There were some pretty queasy looks when piggy was brought in, but NOBODY backed away from eating it.

  2. See? Thanks for the validation, UP.

    And for the record, my kids don’t have chicken feet in their soup bowls. This is just to make stock, and we throw the feet away. But since it goes into the same pot that I later make the soup in, it’s Foot Soup.

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