Hip Hop

We’re enjoying a pleasant Indian summer here before winter starts in earnest. Today, the girls took their chalks outside and made a hopscotch game.

I helped them with numbers 1-12, but S4 complained that “that’s not what I wanted!” Apparently, she wanted the game to go all the way to 20. And so she [who is so annoyingly like her mother] took the chalk and finished the job herself.


The girls don’t have a complete grasp of hopscotch’s more intricate rules and regulations, like the thing about not stepping on the square that your rock lands on. But that’s okay. I never got all the rules, either.


O2 got in on the action, too.


At least they both play by the same rules, which cuts down on the squabbles.


Seems like just last week we were learning how to hold crayons, and now we’re drawing hopscotch games. My heart hurts when I think about how fast they’re growing up. But I’m also terribly proud of them, too.


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