Your Vote Counts. (Guess What? Mine Does, Too.)

Today is Election Day in the United States of America. Hope those of you who are Americans did your duty and voted. I sure did.

To avoid the potential for my vote to be electronically manipulated, or mysteriously deleted, I opted for a paper ballot. This is your prerogative in Ohio. Other states have you do things differently, but we Ohioans still have the choice to use the good old paper-and-pencil method, and I went for it. Amidst the electromagnetic fields of the computerized ballot boxes, I stood in an old-fashioned booth with a sharp #2 and a lot of questions with bubbles next to them. It was very much like taking the SAT, except much harder, and I had to stand this time.

This is an historic election in the USA. For the first time in history, we have a minority running for president on a major political party’s ticket. If the minority gets the majority of the votes, is it still a minority? (I’m being very facetious here. Please don’t flame me.)

Of course, the first and foremost item on the ballot was the presidential race. I’m not sure who’s going to win, so I hedged my bets and voted for three different people. You can’t do THAT with an electronic ballot, people.

After DH and I voted, my girls wanted to vote, too. S4 voted for her birthday. O2 wanted to vote for cake. The power of suggestion in the polling place is very strong, as you can see.

Back in the van, it seemed like a good opportunity to explain exactly how voting works. I told the girls that there were two choices for tonight’s dinner: spaghetti or lizard pie. They both started squealing that they didn’t want lizard pie. I said that we would vote. DH and both girls voted for spaghetti. I held up the three spaghetti votes on one hand and the lone lizard pie vote – mine, of course – on the other. This was a very powerful visual for them, especially since lizard pie was at stake. I think my girls will always vote from now on, whenever they have the opportunity.

Truthfully, if that’s what they learned from election day, then my vote was an incredible victory, no matter who the big winners are tomorrow morning.


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