A Picture’s Worth 1000 Apples (or thereabouts)

I recently got a lot of apples at a local orchard. Like, five bushels of apples. Hey, I’m new to this country-life stuff. I had no idea what I was buying.  Leave me alone.


And ignore that “Black Velvet” box in the background.  It had canning jars in it.  Honest.

When faced with this many apples, one has to get creative. One has to invite friends over to drink coffee with you, knit in your kitchen, and help you chop and peel and stir the pots.

You must make pie,


and apple cake,

Apple Cake

and apple butter,

Apple Butter

and apple sauce,

Apple butter and Apple Sauce

and possibly pie filling, though we still haven’t gotten around to that part yet.

I love apples.

(And my friends, of course.)


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