Awesome Lameness

I have been in a real blog funk lately.  There’s too much stuff swirling around upstairs in me noggin, and I just can’t seem to pull down a complete thought, let alone spin it into a cohesive post.  I might have to resort to Lists.

What I Have Been Doing

  • Knitting a baby jacket for a friend, due any day with her third sweet cherub
  • Knitting an afghan as a wedding gift for my sister, who got married like two months ago
  • Reading “Omnivore’s Dilemma“, which nicely sums up my attitudes towards foodways but also leaves  me feeling sad, angry and a bit helpless
  • Avoiding politics, which I normally enjoy, because it’s making my stomach hurt to think about voting for either McCain or Obama (much less having one of them actually be my president)
  • Hanging out with some new friends as well as some old ones. Not often enough for me, but they have lives, so I try not to be overbearing.
  • Reading with my girls, who are so into Amelia Bedelia right now I just might have to start carrying a purse all day long while doing things as literally as possible
  • Decorating for Hallowe’en
  • Watching leaves turn color and feeling like I have to hunker down soon for winter
  • Stocking up on firewood
  • Making soup
  • Watching “Doctor Who” and, now, “Torchwood”, via Netflix
  • Wasting time on Facebook

What I Have Not Been Doing*

  • Sleeping well
  • Eating well
  • Exercising
  • Reading enough with my girls, whom I love so much that I sometimes need some emotional distance
  • Finishing our bathroom project, which is nearly done but now going on 8 months
  • Raking leaves
  • Managing my time effectively
  • De-cluttering and organizing my house
  • Knitting my sister’s afghan in earnest
  • Starting on the Christmas socks I’ve promised people
  • Baking enough bread

*the implication being, of course, that these are things I ought to be doing

In other news, the girls and I are headed back down to FlorEEda next month to visit my mom, and — best of all! — my little brother is joining us.  And the best part is that we are taking the train to get there.   For my non-American friends, please understand that Americans DO NOT TAKE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION.   (And for the record, I do not consider airplanes to be public transportation.)  The exceptions to this are commuters, who love trains that take them around New York or between cities on the East Coast.  Chicagoans, too, love their El.  The rest of us?  We drive.  Ev. Er. Y. Where.  So this is a big deal.  Our train leaves Pittsburgh at about 7:30 in the AM and we get to Deland, Florida around 11:00 the next morning.  With my mom and brother on board to help keep the girls company, I intend to get some serious knitting done.  And while I will certainly avoid the first three items on my Not Been Doing list, we can probably hit #4 without much trouble.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to not doing things.


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