Move Along, Nothing To See Here

My kids and I just finished our first week of homeschool. It went pretty well.

S4 can read now. She can also write her name and most of “Nim’s Island” (but the latter only in black indelible ink on a kitchen wall).

Wall Palette

Nim's Island
O2 can count to 20 and recognizes both upper- and lower-case letters.

So I figure we can quit until about second grade, right?  (Hey, I don’t know if my kitchen walls can handle kindergarten!)

4 thoughts on “Move Along, Nothing To See Here

  1. Wendy, there is absolutely nothing to apologize for. My children (and their parents) loved the story of Nim and her island. We are even considering finding our very own remote island and moving there, particularly if my husband can have a zip line to get around on. And I love the fact that my four year old daughter knows that “Island” starts with “IS”. So this is a very small price to pay.

    Besides. If it hadn’t been “Nim’s Island” on the wall, it might have been “TikiTikiTemboNoSaRemboChariBariRuchiPipPeriPembo”, which is a much longer name and would have certainly extended over onto the couch or furniture. Thank you for keeping Nim’s name nice and short. 😉

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