Tater Harvest

I haven’t inundated the blogosphere with pictures of the garden lately, and truth be told it’s because I’ve been too busy eating stuff out of the garden to even photograph it, let alone talk about it. We’ve been picking lots of stuff, mostly tomatoes and cucumbers. I think the cukes are about done, but the tomatoes have finally started ripening, and we are having a blast eating them. I probably won’t even have enough to bother canning, that’s how fast we’re eating them up.

Yesterday was Potato Harvest day. I had already dug up a few to taste, but since the plants have started to die back, it seemed prudent to just get in there and dig ’em all up. S4 helped me, and we filled a basket with the fruits of of our backyard.

People in the know say you should dig up your taters a few weeks after the foliage starts to yellow. You don’t want those tubers to re-sprout and start growing new plants in the same season.

Tater Plant

Since these are planted in a very loamy soil, I didn’t even really have to do much digging. Just gently lift the plant, and pull off the spuds. This particular plant is a Yukon Gold variety, the same kind I can get in our grocery store. There is something extremely satisfying about harvesting something you would otherwise pay a lot of money for.

Pulling up a plant

This next tater is one of the All Blues. They are smaller than the Yukon Golds, but more prolific. I got twice as many of these as I did the two other varieties we planted. It’s amazing how blue the skin and flesh of these potatoes are. They would make a really interesting potato salad, if we ate such things.

All Blue tater

Here is S4 describing the intricacies of potato cultivation:

Gardener Bud

I have been trying to learn about root cellaring and other methods of long-term food storage. It seems like a good plan for keeping foods over the winter. Unfortunately, I don’t think this basket of taters will be around that long. Maybe next year.

Tater Harvest

Varieties planted this year are Yukon Gold, Red Pontiac and All Blue. We dug up the majority of the Red Pontiacs last week and have already devoured them, so there were only a few left for the photo. Sorry.


3 thoughts on “Tater Harvest

  1. Wow impressive. I saw thw All Blue when I was watchin Martha Stewart one day and was amazed…and a little scared. What next, red banana’s?

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