Summer’s Last Hurrah

I have been obsessed with wrapped up in baby/kid stuff for about five years now. And in that amount of time, my husband and I have completely forgotten about Life Before The Kids.

In LBTK days, we were out-of-doors a lot. I was a backpacker, and giddily spent long hours hiking through the Allegheny National Forest with my tent and chiseled calves. DH and I took our kayaks on long, overnight river trips. We rappelled over (not-too-terribly-high) cliffs. We rode in our dunebuggy. We rode motorcycles.

I wish I had pictures of all of this sportyness, but it was so long ago that we were still using film cameras. In fact, we didn’t even take many pictures because we were so busy being busy.

Now, I’m a flabby suburban housewife who knits and bakes cookies. But I take a lot of pictures. It’s so sad.

All of that is about to change, however. My husband and I are going away for the holiday weekend. We’re taking our kayaks, and we’re taking our hiking boots. And we’re leaving the kids at home with my mother, who’s flying up for the occasion.

Hopefully, I don’t have a stroke from the sudden burst of activity. If you don’t hear from me after next Monday, you’ll know I either exploded or – more likely – couldn’t get my butt out of the kayak.

Wish me luck.  In any case, I sure hope there aren’t any pictures.


7 thoughts on “Summer’s Last Hurrah

  1. sarah bean, if you get your wish I’m still not sure I will post such a thing!! (It’s not teensy, let’s just say…)

    erin- I’m full of talk. We’ll probably sit in the air conditioning and watch other people on their bicycles.

    lol SweetP- doesn’t it, though?

  2. Oh that sounds fun! I hope you have excellent weather and also that there is beer and nominations for best dressed camper involved! Have a great time!

  3. Ah yes, LBTK. Oh wait, I didn’t have LBTK! I went straight from being a kid myself to having kids. But here I am 45 and it’s LATK. Woo-hoo. Only, um, I haven’t done any hiking, and despite our best intentions we only went cross-country skiing once last winter. Seems we much prefer to sit on our boat, and let the boat do all the work. We are getting a hot tub to use apres ski this winter. Can you still say you are hot tubbing apres ski if you skip the skiing part? Or is that cheating?

  4. UP- I think you can totally say apres ski if you think about what it must be like to ski just be for hot tubbing. That counts, definitely.

    Erin- I’m pretty sure you’re the winner in the best-dressed camper category! 😉

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