Rise And Shine

Yesterday morning, my kids woke up in their own beds. This is, happily, a rarity in our house. But it happens.

O2 wakes up like a cat. She moves cautiously, slowly. She’ll open one eye, then the other, while her head is still on the pillow/mattress/parent. Her eyes will move first, then she turns her head, and then- once she’s processed the fact that, yes, she’s awake – she sits up. Even after all that, she still moves like a patient waking up from general anesthetic. She’s so much like her mother in that respect. I have a slow start-up sequence, too.

Yesterday, she woke up in her own bed, and I think that took even longer than normal to process in the groggy, foggy haze of morning. I passed by her room a couple of times (in my own blurry, decaffeinated state) and saw her just sort of lying there, eyes open, hanging precariously on the edge of going back to sleep. A bird chirped loudly outside her window, just as her eyelids were about to succumb to gravity and the lingering effects of the sandman. The sudden noise made her eyes open fully, almost in fright. But only her eyes moved; her body remained completely still, in her little-kid, butt-in-the-air sleeping pose. Then she started noticing the room around her.

In case you did not know, we went with an alarming alphabet-and-number theme in primary colors for our kid room. (I hate the word “nursery”. In our house, it’s The Kids’ Room.) It looks something like this:


Can you imagine waking up to this every morning? Perhaps it was overwhelming for my little babe. Maybe that’s why she was lying there so long in a semi-catatonic state: she was trying to figure out what the hell mum was smoking when she came up with THAT little decorating idea. Or, possibly, it was just the thing. Because I soon heard, in a low, gravelly voice that is surprisingly deep for a little girl,

“beeeee. ccceeeeeee. d-eeeeee….”

and then,

“arrrrr… essssssss….”

Simultaneously, because my children are completely in sync with the moon and with each other (when they’re not fighting, of course), I heard S4 wake in the other room. S4 is an all-or-nothing gal. She’s either awake, and at full tilt, or she’s passed out and dead to the world. Where O2 wakes up like a diesel motor starting on a cold day, S4 gets up like an Olympic sprinter starting off the gun. From her room, I heard:

“(gasp)…It’s a busy day! I must get up!! MAMA! IS IT A BUSY DAY TODAY???”

I often wish that both children were more like O2 in the early morning hours, because I am groggy and fuzzy until at least noon and the second pot cup of coffee. But O2 is also like me in that she stays up until the wee night hours, so in that sense, I wish they were both like S4 and passed out as soon as the head touched the pillow.

I love how different they are. And, even though I’m not so good with morning time, I do love hearing them each wake up in their own cute, adorable little ways.

It’s the “in their own beds” part I’m pretty ambivalent about.


4 thoughts on “Rise And Shine

  1. Of course, once they become teenagers, they won’t wake up at all. At least not until 1 or 2 in the afternoon. Of course, one hopes that they are waking up in their own homes and beds, as opposed to someone else’s home and bed. Oh, I do love being an empty-nester! *chuckle*

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