I Am Amazing

It’s true.  I’m incredible.  And amazing.  And this is why, in the dead heat of late July, I am casting on 196 stitches’ worth of a WOOL AFGHAN.

Just thought you might like a chuckle.  I myself would like a shower, but I’d probably felt….

Sorry.  Couldn’t resist.  Feel free to unsubscribe now, if you like.


6 thoughts on “I Am Amazing

  1. Isn’t the wool sticking to your fingers and not sliding through? The heat’s not such an issue having just cast on, but wait until it’s long enough to sit across your lap. You’ll need to knit in front of a fan. Of course, if you work on knitting projects at the pace I do, it will be the dead of winter by then anyway. *chuckle*

  2. Yeah, I’m with Lisa. I din’t get it, probably because I can’t make anything, and I though afghans were biscuits.
    But hey, you’re amazing!

  3. Hay & Lisa- I didn’t mean to confuse anyone. I made a horrible knittery-type of inside joke. To make matters worse, it was a pun, and we all know that puns are the mimes of the linguistic world. Everyone hates them.

    Urban Panther- you’re totally right about the miserableness of your project being directly proportional to its square footage. I’ve only done three rows and it’s not too bad so far. But I can see danger lurking in rows ten and up. Hopefully it will be October by the time I get there!

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