IDC Update 2

I haven’t updated my Independence Days challenge topic for almost two weeks, mostly because I have been totally lame and done little besides pull a few* weeds in the garden. Last night, though, we had a wonderful little outdoor meal that would have completely qualified for the 100-mile diet: corn from southern Ohio, blueberries from a local farm, beef from our farmer friends not too far away, and salad from our very own garden.

*when I say “a few”, I mean a few– as in, like, two.

S4 helped me take scissors to the lettuces and harvest a lovely bowl of greens (plus some reds and oranges) to serve with our dinner. We are growing three varieties of lettuce: Red Velvet, SloBolt, and a Yugoslavian Butter. We managed to get a bowlful of leaves, plus two nasturtium blooms, a baby green onion, and the cutest little radishes you ever did see.

Fresh-Picked Yummies

S4 has just recently mastered scissors, and it was very exciting for her to wield them mightily in the garden. She did a fine job of snipping the lettuces just above where the stem meets the crown. As we were harvesting the leaves, we discovered these adorable little radishes in the next row:

Wee Radishes

Aren’t those just the cutest little things? I am not particularly fond of radish, but it is pretty in a salad and the crunch is fun. I now know that baby radishes are tender, sweet, and much lovelier than the tough, bitter grownup radishes. Shhh. Don’t tell people we eat babies in our house.

Speaking of eating babies, S4 was thrilled to see the baby tomatoes. She wanted to pick one, of course, but we had a lengthy discussion about why the baby tomato had to stay with the mommy tomato plant until it was grown and red and ready to be picked. I think she understands.

Baby Maters

The only question now is whether she has the self-control to wait. Her own mama is not famous for this quality. It will be a challenge for all parties involved.

Meanwhile, we had a lovely dinner last night. Our salad was the highlight. I still couldn’t get the girls to eat it (S4 DID try a lettuce leaf, and pronounced it “tasty”, but would not allow any on her plate), but it was gorgeous.

Bowl of Backyard Bounty

In fact, it was so pretty that I pulled out a crystal bowl to serve it in.

First Garden Salad

This week, I am going to get more serious about preserving and preparing. Meanwhile, I’m going to pick corn out of my teeth and watch my garden grow. Oh, and figure out what else to do with all these radishes.


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