Okay, So It Wasn’t ALL Bad

This weekend involved lots of self-pity and wallowing-y moments, but it did have some bright spots. It wasn’t all gloom and horrors, no; not really.

Since Independence Day is our country’s birthday (in a fashion) we celebrated the way we celebrate all birthdays in this house: we had a cake decorating party. And how can one be gloomy when there is cake? It’s hardly possible.

There was frosting:


There were toppings, in an appropriate color palette:


There was, of course, a cake to be decorated:

Plain Cake

S4 commenced the requisite Taste-Testing of the Frosting (all-important, after my last fiasco with buttercream):

Frosting Check

…and the verdict is….

Licking the Frosting

…we’re good to go!

There aren’t many opportunities to photograph when you’re swishing frosting on a cake AND trying to keep your busy little helpers from swishing frosting on each other, the table, the chairs, the windows, etc. Thus, you must trust me when I tell you that we frosted the cake.

Then came the fun part. Toppings!

Checking the Ingredients

Of course, no amount of admonishing my offspring about saving the toppings for the cake could keep them from sampling the goodies.


At least they got some on the cake, right?

Taste Testing

Speaking of cake, they did a really nice job.

Fourth Of July Cake

And how could one have a birthday cake without candles on it?

Finished Cake

Yes, those are sparklers on the cake. It’s the Fourth Of July, which might as well be “Fireworks Day” in our neck of the woods. Gotta have the sparklers.

Cake Sparklers

And in case you think we aren’t cool or something, let me just say this:

Lighting the Cake

and this:

Cake On Fire

Yeah, Duff Goldman. Take THAT.

In other happy-picture news, I peeked out at the garden yesterday, and guess what I saw? A baby tomato!! It’s so teeny tiny, but it’s there! And my other tomato plants have flowers! Wooot!

Tomato Flower

And there’s more. Oh, yeah, baby, there’s more. Like, my first nasturtium bloom:

Nasturtium in Bloom

Nevermind that little bit of red lettuce poking up on the right. It was in my salad today.

Meanwhile, we have a wicked cucumber plant doing all sorts of acrobatics on the trellis:

Cuke Plant in Flower

Do you see the little flower near the ground? How exciting is that?!

Cuke Flower

Sigh.  Doesn’t that just make you smile?  It does me.  I can’t wait for all the plant sex to start.  It’s very exciting.

It appears that the secret to happiness- in my case, at least – is to set cakes on fire and film plant pornography.

I must be really, really tired.

7 thoughts on “Okay, So It Wasn’t ALL Bad

  1. ah yes, you did survive. tis all good.

    i was going to say “ack! you have a cream couch, i’m sorry but i don’t think we can be friends anymore” – but then a) i remembered that we’re not so much *friends* as *i stalk you and you feel duty bound to not completely snob me as a result* 😉 and b) S4’s hair, in front of said cream couch, was so B4-stylz-scrufty that I just forgot all about you being someone capable of co-habitating with a cream couch and got over it.

    where was i?

    oh yeah, cake looks yum. your girls are gorgeous 🙂
    what kind of nappy is that?

    SO excited about your vege garden new flowers and teeny tomato and stuff – because i’m just totally going to live … crap – what is that word… – through your vege garden while mine temporarily languishes under 8 inches of frost. K?

    Yeah yeah, i’m leaving now.

  2. Oh, goodness… I feel compelled to reply, and I hope this doesn’t sound like a rebuttal but just a simple reply, which is all I mean it to be.

    1. I do not have a cream couch. I have a speckled couch. It was left here by the previous owners. I have, actually, not one single piece of furniture in my home that I shopped for and picked out. If it were up to me, all couches (and furniture) would be dirt-brown, since that’s the direction they all head towards in the end.

    2. The nappy is a regular old chinese prefold, in unbleached cotton, with a PUL cover made by Bummis. I believe that particular one is a “Super Snap Wrap” (I also have the “whisper wraps”, which use aplix closures). It is about 3 years old now and has been through approximately 208 washings. I am very pleased with both the covers and nappies.

    3. I love VICARIOUSLY. That’s another word that just never gets used often enough.

    4. I also stalk you- er, um, your blog. And I leave lengthy comments, even though you don’t know me from Adam (although you did send me a peanut slab once, and there is something to be said about the bonding power of chocolate). I’m certain that once I get off my duff and knit your giftie and send you some Reeses things, we will be fast friends. Yep.

  3. yeah hay, but you have perfickly behaved captain von trapp kind of kids capapble of cohabitating with the colour cream. wait, you don’t? then i just have no idea how your couches survive – they wouldn’t in this house.

    i bought dirt brown furniture for that exact reason, and so what does H2 do every single day without fail? spill milk on it.
    milk is white. oh yeahhhh.

    yeah baby – chocolate bonded friends – the BEST kind 😉

  4. Well, we got them scotch guarded, and we cover them with throws, and they are seude, suede, how the feck do you spell that? So I pretend the numerous stains are natural distortions in the suede. 😛

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