Summer Weekend

The Fourth is coming up for us here in the States, and this year it falls on a Friday. If that doesn’t make for a preeminent summer weekend, I don’t know what does.

We Americans usually celebrate our country’s birthday with lots of flag-flying, excessive amounts of picnic-food, beer and/or frozen party drinks; and – of course – fireworks.  I’m in charge of the first two.  Husband and children handle the last.

The girls are ready. They loooooove fireworks. When my kids hear a thunderstorm coming, their first thought is not to grab a flashlight and run for the cellar, but to look up in the sky and see if there are any pretty sparklies. When S4 was just S2, she would call them “Fire Booms”. O2 calls them fireworks, but with just a little trouble on the “works” part. It comes out more like fire”wrorks”.

Whatever you call them, they’re a ball. And we can’t wait.



2 thoughts on “Summer Weekend

  1. I’m so glad you let them have sparklers. We weren’t allowed to TOUCH them, and I always felt left out. 😦

    “Pretty sparklies!” That’s cracking me up.

  2. Yeah, I know what you mean. We were allowed sparklers, but nothing else. I was in college when I figured out what a Roman Candle was. It’s kind of hard to keep this kind of stuff away from the girls when their dad and uncles are all sort of pyromaniacs, though, ya know? I figure, if you can’t beat them, you can at least teach them to be safe about it…

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