IDC* Update

*Independence Days Challenge. See introductory post, if you’re so inclined.

Here’s an update- for my own edification, of course (and to be able to use edification, which is such a smarmy word)- on the Independence Days Challenge thus far.

  • Plant something

This week, I planted mustard and borage. I have no idea what borage is, but the books say it makes a good companion plant. Everyone ought to have a good companion, I think.

  • Harvest something

I managed to snip a couple more bits of lettuce, but otherwise, we don’t really have much yet to harvest. But I harvested some strawberries from a local farm, and those were mighty tasty.

  • Preserve something

Well. It’s the thought that counts, right? Because I thought a lot about making jam with the strawberries I harvested. I thought so much about it that I got myself some pectin and washed out my jelly jars. Unfortunately, the fairies who live in my house harvested the strawberries right off the counter, so there are just not enough to bother making jam with. I’m going to try to get back out this week and get some more berries and try again.

  • Cook something [new or in a different way]

Aha! This one I’m proud of. I have sworn off my microwave (except in emergencies, like when my husband wants a bit of fudge on his ice cream, etc). And I made it a whole week without pushing those little beepy buttons. The nicest part is that I don’t have to clean out the microwave, either. For some reason, that’s a simple job but I absolutely detest doing it. Bonus.

  • Prep something

I got myself a copy of the Veganomicon, mostly because that is such a wicked good name for a vegan cookbook, but also because I’m trying to be more creative with how we eat – more veggies, more grains, less meat. It just came today.  I’m so excited.  Packages in the mail are one of life’s greatest simple pleasures.

  • Manage your supplies

I’m sure I did something here, but I don’t know what it was.

  • Work on local food systems

I went over and talked to my neighbor, who’s also growing a garden. I’ve only talked to him once or twice in the five years we lived here. He’s a nice man, and even though I think his son is a total bleepity-bleep-bleep, that doesn’t mean I can’t talk to the old man. We chatted about our gardens and he gave me some tips for growing peppers. Then he showed me his compost pile. Woo hoo! Turns out he’s another organic gardener. It’s very unusual for guys of his generation (in my region, anyway) to have organic gardens. In fact, organic anything around here is still very fringe-y. So that was a pleasant surprise. And then he gave me some lettuce, which was extremely tasty. I told him about my potatoes and promised to bring him some when they were ready to dig up.

I’m happy. Hope you are, too.

Meanwhile, my daughter just made up a great song, and I think you will enjoy it immensely. Here’s the lyrics to a song O2 is singing in my ear (I’m transcribing live):

I love my life

And I need my life

And I need my liiiiife, I need my lifffffe.

Mommy, I need my life.

And don’t be silly, you take a shower and I amma sing my sooooong. I anna sing really LOUDDDDDT. I anna sing REALLY, REALLY LONG. I anna be sing A-B-Cs. And I anna sing my life song.



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