New Neighbors

Some new neighbors just moved into the little house behind ours. They’re very sweet. They’ve got a bunch of younguns, all wee little. I bet there’s at least two or three babies. I hear them squawking in the morning for breakfast when I go out to check the garden. Mama and Daddy take turns bringing them snacks.

Mama's home!

They’re very good neighbors so far. They keep their property nice and neat, and never make obnoxious noise (unlike our OTHER neighbors, but that’s another story).

New Neighbor

They help me keep an eye on things in the garden, which is very neighborly. They’re especially good at keeping the worm and bug population in check. I like that in a neighbor.

Speaking of the garden, does anyone remember this cute little thing?

Mystery Plant

Yeah, that would be one of the pumpkins. Well, here we are about two weeks later:


How about them apples — er, um, pumpkins? Well, don’t be too terribly impressed yet. They’re nothing compared to the potatoes.

Here was one of the All Blue tater plants just 10 days ago:

Blue Potatoes

Look at them now:

More Taters

They’re CRAZY big! I had to hill them up again this morning. At this rate, we’ll be out of leaves before July.

(In case you didn’t know, we live in the woods. Being out of leaves in our yard is like someone who lives in Acapulco being out of sand or something.)

And speaking of potatoes, and this being the first time I’ve ever actually tried to grow potatoes, I have finally come to understand what the heck all those tomato catalogues are talking about when they tell you that a particular tomato cultivar is “potato-leafed”. This would be potato leaves:

Potato leaf

And this here would be a potato-leafed tomato:

Potato leafed tomato

See? It’s all so clear when you have pictures.

Not everything in the garden is as zippy as the potatoes. The leeks, for example, look pretty much the same as they did when they sprouted. I think all the magic is happening underground.


As you can probably see, I only weeded part of the garden today. There are also some miscellaneous carrots in that picture. My children are so excited about the carrots.

Me, I’m excited about the basil. I looooooove basil. Next to chocolate, it’s my favorite herb to use in the kitchen.


I’m also excited about growing corn. Not too many people grow corn in suburbia.

Pretty corn, all in a row

Even fewer grow corn in a city, but I did that, too. And it was tasty. Nyah.

Anyway, it looks like we will be eating insane amounts of mashed spuds with leeks and basil in them this winter, with possibly some pumpkin soup and corn chowder for a side dish.

I wonder if we should invite over the neighbors?

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