Guess What I’m Doing Today? (Hint: I’m NOT Going To Alaska)

It’s 7:04 AM in the time zone in which my mother and I both live. I’m starting my day wicked early, but my mom’s been up since about 2AM. At 3, she left for the airport to catch a 6AM flight. Right now, she’s possibly travelling backwards in time, since she’s heading west, going to earlier time zones. Or later time zones. That whole time zone thing has me so confused when talking relativity. No wonder people think Einstein was a genius. Anyway, she’s headed west towards Vancouver, B.C. Ack!! She’s going to Canada!! Maybe she’s headed up to get her furniture that we never delivered.

Yeah, mom’s going on a cruise. She’s going to cruise around Alaska for 10 days and possibly ride a snowmobile in the middle of June. For us in Ohio, that’s not a big deal. We can’t always ride snowmobiles in June, but we can often ride them in May, and October’s just around the corner.

Me? No. I’m not going to Alaska, the place I always thought I’d live if I didn’t live in Oregon. Nope. Not me. I’m busy today. I’m having my own garage sale, and that’s SO MUCH more exciting than a trip to Alaska.

The hordes should be here any minute, even though the advertisement CLEARLY states that the sale starts at 9AM. Fortunately, we have a slight buffer since this is a street sale, with no specific addresses listed in the paper. And since I have nothing outside of my house yet (even though we start in less than one hour 45 minutes), no one knows I’m participating. I can whip everything out at the last minute and not have any of those pesky scavengers mobbing me an hour before anything’s supposed to even begin. I can even skip it if I want to. It’s very liberating, this garage-sale-incognito-ness. Very liberating.

I wish I were on a plane to Vancouver.


2 thoughts on “Guess What I’m Doing Today? (Hint: I’m NOT Going To Alaska)

  1. me too.

    and i totally totally dream of taking a cruise. except, not anywhere cold. I want to swim in on-board pools and sunbake on deck. even though I don’t sunbake (skin cancer) nor appear in public in a bathing suit (flubber). but still. i can dream.

  2. lol SB- you’re just saying that ’cause it’s wintertime now. When summer comes back around, i bet you’ll be all about the sled dogs and igloos! 😉

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