The Grey Hunter in the Suburban Wilderness

Our cat, Moxie, is a hybrid cat. By this, I mean to say that she spends approximately half of her time indoors and the other half outside.

The Great Hunter

Having a hybrid cat is both good and bad, but I earnestly feel that the disadvantages are few and rather minor. While we did have to leave our house for two nights a couple of years back, while the flea bomb de-infested us, our cat is happy. She’s healthy. She’s even- dare I say it- hale and hearty. And she is a hunter.

I often come home to “gifts” waiting for me on the front or back porch. My husband jokes that she is paying her rent. It’s slightly embarassing when someone comes to visit before I cash her paychecks, but what the heck. As a budding gardener, I’m grateful for the highly organic rodent-and-pest control services she’s providing. And, while I try to be kind and sympathetic to all creatures, there is something very thrilling about the whole Circle Of Life drama that often plays itself out in our yard.

I get chills down my spine when she gets a potential target in her sights.

Mox the hunter

The unsuspecting victim rarely stands a chance.

Git that grass, kitty!

Good job, cat. Way to bite that… grass.

One thought on “The Grey Hunter in the Suburban Wilderness

  1. hehe cute cat. ours eats grass too. and peas and raisins. anything my delightful kids have dropped on the floor. hes kind of like a vacuum cleaner only furrier

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