I’m No Botanist, But I’m Pretty Sure That’s Edible.

We have a garden!

It has things growing besides weeds!!! (Don’t worry. The weeds are there, too. But they’re outnumbered so far.)

The girls went out to check on the garden with me this morning. Checking the garden, with hot coffee in tow, has become my morning ritual (much as I ever do anything consistently enough to be called routine let alone ritual).

We have new things sprouting after three solid days of rain. We have four types of lettuces making a showy entrance, including this Yugoslavian Butterhead:


Look at that wavy line of lettuce. I must have been drunk when I sowed it.

Next to the Yugo Butterheads, there’s also some Red Velvet lettuce, some Frisbee (who names these things?!) and another variety that I can’t remember. But they’re all growing. And soon, they shall all be in my salad bowl.

Along with the lettuces, the carrots shall also be in my salad bowl. Later in the season, of course. And assuming my children don’t get impatient and pick them first, like last year’s tomato crop.

Kids' Carrots

I love it that my daughter wrote the word “Carrot” on that popsicle stick. Her first garden tag.

Okay, now would you just look at these beans?


I’ve never grown beans before. How could I have gone thru life without growing beans? These are so exciting. And they grow fast. If I didn’t know better, I would be frightened by the rate at which these suckers grow.

Anyway, here’s the main garden:

The Spread

Um, yeah. Slightly ambitious. What was I thinking? Who knows.

We also have potatoes growing along the fence. We have the coolest potatoes, called All Blues. They are coming up totally blue.

Potato Sprouts

Blue leaves. Isn’t that wicked cool? I couldn’t stop photographing them.

Blue Potatoes

We are also growing Red Pontiacs (which come up green, not red), Yukon Golds (which also come up green) and Snow Whites (which are… um… green…) Go figure.

Our tallest carrot measures 6 cm today, which the girls recorded in their little garden journals that resemble Easter Eggs. And our bean plant is 8 cm already. And there are other things growing that I didn’t write about because I don’t remember where they are or what I planted. Those shall be a surprise for everyone.

Maybe I’ll have a farm stand this fall.

One thought on “I’m No Botanist, But I’m Pretty Sure That’s Edible.

  1. I absolutely love your garden 🙂 I think I’ll be living vicariously through you this year 🙂

    Thank you also for you kind comment on my blog… it means so so much….

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