No Talking In The Library. No Smiling, Either.

Today, I took the girls to our local library. Wow, what a job that must be- to work in a library. All those books! All that reading! Actually, I know a librarian. She tells great stories about her job. And while there are some minor annoyances (most of them humorous), she makes it sound just about as great as I imagine a career in library science to be.

There’s one woman who works at our library who will disagree.

I remember this woman from when I was a kid, so I know she’s been a librarian a long, long time. She was grumpy then, and she’s grumpy now. How could you be grumpy if you work in a library? That doesn’t make any sense to me. And if you’ve been at it this long, and you’re still dissatisfied, it sure isn’t because the benefits were too compelling to keep you from changing careers. I vote for the library levies, and I can tell you that we pay a lot more in taxes to our local park than we do for the library. Why’s she still around if she’s so flipping miserable?

Whatever it is that’s got this lady’s happy-meter stuck in the mud, I don’t think it’s got much to do with the library. This woman is just not a smiler. She’s in the wrong job. She disobeys every basic rule of good customer service, particularly the ones that involve being friendly and welcoming. She doesn’t say hello when you come up to her counter. She doesn’t smile when you make the first move and say hello instead. She doesn’t smile when the card reader says beep after it scans each book into the giant database the government is keeping on what books everyone is checking out and adds it to your “Reminder To Return Library Materials” email list. She doesn’t smile when she hands you your books and a printed receipt. She doesn’t even say goodbye. I wonder what makes her so unhappy that she’s even miserable inside the library. That’s nuts.

The girls and I did a lot of smiling at the library today. We got twelve books, we made a butterfly and a grasshopper craft to hang on the Library Tree, we had lunch in the library cafe, and we read “George Shrinks“. Twice. I smiled the whole time, just because I could.

Oh, and later, while my children were (as always) “helping” me use the bathroom, S4 informed me that my butt had a beard.

I wonder if that lady would have cracked up or not, because it sure was damn funny to me.


6 thoughts on “No Talking In The Library. No Smiling, Either.

  1. rofl at your bearded butt.

    what on earth will we do when our kids grow up and we have to pee unassisted, how will we cope?

    anyway i’m glad to see you posting – and with a smile even, coz i tried really hard to email you today to say hey whats up, how is life treating you lately, hope you are good, etc.
    But i couldn’t find which of the 10,000 email addresses – through 10,000 dot coms when i was trying to find a bloggy email address – was the one you had emailed me at. Got that? lol. Anyway, glad you’re still with us, and I’ve been thinking of you 🙂

  2. awww…you’re so sweet sb… i’ll email ya.

    And yes, I often wonder whatever I’ll do when my kids aren’t around to help me with bathroom… -er, chores. Whatever will I do with my bearded butt?

  3. he he people like that irritate me. I always try to make them smile by being over friendly or a bit silly. Kids being cute and chatty can sometimes disarm them. Sometimes you can see they are doing their darndest not to smile.
    Anyway, sounds like you had a nice day…that’s good. Hope you’re feeling better.

  4. E, “kill ’em with kindness” is usually my tactic, too. But there is no amount of smiling and no amount of kid-cuteness that can break this woman. She’s stuck on sour!

  5. I never thought of that, Stacey… yeah, maybe she was the victim of a plastic surgery gone wrong many decades ago, or a total Botox overdose. Maybe her facial muscles are all paralyzed and she’s really grinning for all she’s worth; we just can’t see it.

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