Move Over, Wild Kingdom

My backyard has exploded with an incredible exhibit of nature at its finest.

We have wildlife:

Fat woodpecker

Bird moving in


Dogwood flower

Blurry hummingbird

We have things greening:

Really variegated hosta


We have things blooming:

Dogwood blooms

Lilac Blooms

Rhodies about to bloom


And we have things about to bloom:

Clematis closeup

Allium Roseum

Of course, we also have things not greening or blooming:

Blueberry twig

You must always take the good with the bad, I suppose. Like ivy, for instance. Many of our trees are covered with it. It’s usually beautiful:

Pretty Ivy

And generally, I get very excited when I see a new clump start to take off up a tree trunk.

More Good Ivy

Good Ivy

Unless it happens to be bad ivy, of course.

Bad Ivy

In that case, we get out the clippers and the bleach. And we wear long sleeves.

Meanwhile, though, most of the yard is awash in [desirable] life and lushness.


Happy spring.


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