How I Do Love Thee

I love my washing machine.

Aside from yours truly (and DH, of course), the washing machine probably works harder than anyone else in our house.

I’m so glad you’re in my life, washing machine.

Washing Machine Love

I love the sound of clean water filling your tub, waiting to tackle the dirtiest clothes.


I love your gentle reminders about how much soap to add, or what temperature to use for towels.


I love your simple dials, your streamlined sides, and your Super Wash cycle.


I love how, even though I had absolutely NO intention of EVER having children when I purchased you, you still scrub my kids’ dirty diapers every single day, without complaint.


You rock, washing machine. You’re the best major appliance we own.

Just please, don’t say anything to the dishwasher.


3 thoughts on “How I Do Love Thee

  1. OMG. I love my washer and dryer too. I wanted to take pictures of them to show people, I loved them so much. I haven’t really made them wash anything too grotesque but I still love them! I am so down with the major appliance lovin’.

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