We’ve been gone for a few days, traveling with my husband again. Last time we went on a “business trip”, it was to Yucky-In-Tucky. At least, that’s what O2, our resident Geographer, calls it. This time, it was a three-day trip to Detroit, Michigan, with a brief stop in Canada.

As we neared Detroit, I noticed that the locals think themselves to be rather smart.

Smart in Detroit

It’s constantly in your face.

Smart in Detroit, Too

Well, let’s just see how smart they REALLY are around here.

Let's See

Hm. This is promising.

Ubiquitous Coffee

Well, then. Let the border-crossing commence.

From Detroit, it’s just a stone’s throw (plus an excruciating border-crossing-customs-interrogation, but that’s not important here) to Windsor, Canada. You can get there via the Ambassador Bridge

Bridge Sign

or a tunnel, which we always seem to miss going TO Canada. I know it must be here somewhere, because we came BACK that way.

I like the bridge, however.


Ambassador Bridge

The view from the bridge is really breathtaking.


Bridge To Canada

On Bridge

Once we crossed the bridge, it was time for customs. I didn’t take any pictures of customs. It seemed like a bad idea. If I were a customs agent, and some weird girl was sitting in traffic snapping photos of my booth and the security gates and the general customs-scene, I would probably ask to search her car. I might not even want her in my country. Using my great powers of Empathy (much like Deanna Troi, only with saggier boobs), I felt it much wiser to cap the camera lens until we were safely ensconsed in our dear northern neighbor’s borders. Once there, however, the snapping re-commenced.

I love Canada. They celebrate the great things of life here. For example, they have entire stores devoted just to beer.


Sorry about that pole in the way, but we were going really fast. Like, at least 100. That’s what they do in Canada. But it’s okay, because gas is really cheap here.

Cheap Gas? Oh.  Wait.

Ha. Gotcha. That’s PER LITRE. For those poor, ignorant few among us who are still on the barley-corn system, let me rephrase that:

1 Gallon = 3.783 litres
3.783 litres x $1.208 / litre = $4.57 / Gallon


Well, anyway, whatever. It’s not my gas, right? Besides, we can still drive really fast here.


My children were also very impressed with Canada.

Really Impressed


That border-crossing must have worn them out.

We did see the ubiquitous Tim Hortons, which DH and I have sneaking suspicions about.

They're Taking Over The World

In our dating days, DH and I went to Toronto every December. It seemed like, each visit, there were more and more Tim Hortons. They were on every corner. And then we started seeing them in Buffalo. So we have decided that they are attempting to take over the world, and they only way to stop them is to boycott them and visit Coffee Time instead. Sadly, Coffee Time makes an unfortunate cup of coffee. So we drank hot chocolate there instead. But at least we were doing our best to encourage competition. Go, capitalism!! Meanwhile, Beware of Tim Hortons.

We had a lovely couple of hours in Windsor. There’s not much to tell about that part. We ate lunch, the kids napped, I knitted, and then we drove at breakneck speed


back to the USA. This time, we found the tunnel.

Tunnel Entrance

I even managed to catch a lucky snap in the tunnel.

Lucky Shot in the tunnel

Sorry about cutting off most of “Canada”, but that’s how things are when you’re travelling at breakneck speed.


Again, I avoided the urge to snap pictures at the border. US customs-persons are even less jovial than Canadian customs-persons, and I figured they’d probably have no qualms about sending me back over the bridge to float in citizenship-limbo for such an infraction. I also had to suppress an urge to stand at attention and salute upon my return home, it was that serious. Fortunately, we were allowed to re-enter our own country. Good thing, because they make you pay the $4 toll BEFORE you go thru the tunnel, and I would have been pretty pissed off about having to pay and then not getting to come in.

Back in Michigan, it was just a short jaunt to the northwest side of Detroit and our hotel. We found a comfortable place to stay.

Comfortable Inn

The next day, while hubby was at his meeting, I took the kids to the Detroit Zoo. No camera here, either, but that had less to do with an irrational fear of hungry hippos snapping it out of my hands and more to do with the fact that hubby needed it to take pictures of the project he was working on. So, boo. I can’t show you the gorgeous peacocks that were meandering around, or the looks on my kids’ faces after they woke up from stroller-naps to a giant rhinocerous staring at them, or the lovely fountain with two bears hugging. Nope. Can’t. Just take my word for it: we had a nice time there.

Yesterday was rainy. It was VERY rainy. In fact, it was so rainy that many of my driving-around shots didn’t come out well. Like this picture of something-or-other:

Ford Plant

Oh- now I remember. That’s one of the Ford plants. This is Motor City, after all. All the auto-makers have a Presence here. (And most everyone drives a car that’s less than five years old, but that’s another story.)

Big Three Number Three IMG_8585

They have everything for motors here in Motor City.

You Know You're in Motor City When...

They also have the famous Michigan Left.

Michigan Left

I am very proud to say that I am Mistress of the Michigan Left. As in, I did it at least seven times and never had anyone honk at me.

They also have this great place, just a few blocks from our hotel.

Great Signs

I’m so disappointed that this picture’s a little blurry, because I really think “Ham Center” is a great name for a restaurant.


This, however, has GOT to be my favorite picture from this whole entire trip:


I pulled into a parking lot a block away and used the zoom to take this picture from behind another sign. It seemed very appropriate.

Anyway, our trip was over all too soon. Time to go home. One more thing to do before we leave, however:

Coffee Everywhere

I like Detroit.


3 thoughts on “DEEtroit.

  1. Ah. Well, that’s the tricky thing. Speed limits vary by state. Ohio, for example, is at 65 miles per hour for cars, 55 MPH for trucks (except on the turnpike, where both can go 65). Michigan allows cars to go 70 and trucks to go 60. Montana doesn’t have an official speed limit- you’re just supposed to drive sensibly. I’m sure there’s also some fascist part of the country (probably California) where they only allow you to go as fast as bicycles. But I don’t know that for certain. I’ve never been there. I’m just speculating.

  2. Tim Horton’s coffee might not be your thing, but their iced capp is what got me addicted to iced coffees in the first place. OMG good.

    DH has a file on Detroit. With brochures. There’s a flea market on I-75 that ought not be missed. We have directions.

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