On Spring, Cakes, and General Happiness

It’s spring. I know this because my daughter looks forward to her birthday, which is “in the spring”. Instead of asking, “is TODAY my birthday??!”, she asks, “is it SPRINGTIME yet??” And seeing as today is her fourth birthday, it must definitely be spring.

It is spring because I have flowers blooming. This year is extra-exciting because my tulips bloomed. They did not bloom for three years because I either planted them upside-down (very possible) or because the deer decided the shoots would make a nice nocturnal nosh (also quite possible). But in any case, they are blooming. And they are lovely.

Terrific Tulips


Two tulips

I also have Grecian Windflowers blooming. I love these dainty little things.

Grecian Windflowers

They are even cute when they’re getting ready for bed each evening.

More Windflowers

Of course, we also have clumps of daffodils everywhere.

More Daffodils

Just never you mind those weeds. I know about them, alright? Here. Look at more flowers instead.


Need more? Okay, here are some pansies, which I bought for S4’s party this afternoon.


The kids are going to paint flowerpots and then plant a flower in their painted pots. It’s a garden party. Because, of course, it’s spring.

Speaking of parties, and birthdays, that means that there shall be Cake.

Fourth Birthday cake

And how could you not be happy when there is Cake involved? Cake, flowers, spring… all at one time….

It sure makes up for a week of slogging down Memory Alley.

6 thoughts on “On Spring, Cakes, and General Happiness

  1. Wow, just look at your tulips! Beautiful. Happy Birthday to your girl. Hope the party goes well. I think painting and planting is such a good idea!

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