Itty Bitty Witty

The girls have spent a lot of time at my mom’s this week.  While they’ve been there, they found a bunch of marbles someone dumped into a planter box mom has near the street.

We played with the marbles for a day or two, and then they sort of got “lost”…. ahem.

Okay, fine, I’ll say it- I THREW THEM AWAY.  Happy now?

Somehow, one followed us home.  S4(today) found it in our driveway.

“LOOK, MAMA!!” she shouted as loud as a four-year-old possibly can (which is very, very loud.  You would be surprised how loud.)

“It’s one of NANA’s MARBLES!”  (again with the shouting.)


Oh, child.  If you only knew how true that was….


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