Say This One Three Times Fast

Say this one three times fast...

Pohutukawa Blossoms, I must admit, are completely foreign to me. I’ve never seen one, never heard of them before now, and I’m really not sure how to pronounce that name. But they are lovely, particularly when they’re recreated on fabric that’s been sewn into the loveliest little apron by a friend on the other side of the world.

Great fabric

I received my Pay It Forward gift from Embejo. Embarassingly, it came on Saturday, and I’m just now getting around to posting it. But trust me, it is adorable. She’s sewn the cleverest apron, with a handy big pocket on the front. Here, I’ve stuck a slip of paper in the pocket so you can see the scallops on the top edge:

Pretty Pocket

It’s my favorite style, too: the full-front apron with tiebacks and a square neck. Don’t get me wrong, the couture aprons are all darling, and the half-aprons that go just around your waist are dainty and cute, but I’m not dainty, so I rarely look cute in them. This is a perfect apron. Thank you, E!! I love it!!!

E's Apron

(By the way, I now know that the Pohutukawa tree is a native New Zealand evergreen and that it produces brilliant red blossoms from November to early January. It’s commonly known as the New Zealand Christmas Tree. )


7 thoughts on “Say This One Three Times Fast

  1. Oooh, cool you got it! I kind of wished it had arrived on you birthday, but not so far off hey? I’m glad you like it and Pohutukawa is pronounced Po (long ‘o’)hoo too cah wah. Well I don’t know how to write it ha ha. Maybe some other Kiwi can help me.

  2. E, my birthday was on a sunday (no post) but it came the day before! So it was perfect timing. Thanks again – it’s wonderful. I’ve been wearing your apron all day long. 🙂

  3. Say This One Three Times Fast
    yep, can do lol.
    i am thinking:
    but that works with a kiwi accent,
    am no good at translating into american(?) vowels lol X

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