Best To Mean What You Say

I love how children are so literal sometimes. For example, I once said to S3.5, “I have two wonderful daughters! You’re one, and O2 is the other.” She looked at me like I was a dolt and replied, “I’m not ONE. I’m THREE.”

Today, the girls wanted to do some fingerpainting. That’s right. Finger painting.


I told you, they are very literal sometimes.

O2 Handpainting

Like me, the cat was not so certain about this particular project.


But in the end, we figured a little mess wouldn’t hurt. The girls were having fun, and looked like they could keep painting till the cows came home.

(Not literally, of course.)


8 thoughts on “Best To Mean What You Say

  1. lol SB- I’ll take that as a compliment!

    BTW- I am still working on your little present. Unfortunately, I lost one of the knitting needles at the grocery and therefore haven’t been able to finish it. The good news: it was NOT the needle that had the knitting on it.

  2. SB why would she be MotherMe then? Lol.

    Cute, I found a fabby recipe for fingerpaint that you can make up and use in the bath this week…must get on to making it 🙂

    Love that cat, lol. Your pics are lovely too.

  3. Thank you all for the cuteness comments. I truly appreciate it.

    Hay- our cat is as ornery as she is beautiful. Must be one of those “she’s pretty and knows it” things. But she catches mice and chipmunks so we keep her around.

    Luce- they take after MY side.

  4. They painted only their fingers (and hands)? I’m impressed. I would expect them to be COVERED in tribal decorations by the end of arts & crafts time.

  5. *finger painting*???
    that is fabulous, *love* the double entendre,
    we normally have *face painting* for our body art,
    and afterward, you can hardly see there’s a face underneath the paint either X

  6. Stacey, we did have more than just fingers painted…

    kate, we do face painting, too. And body painting. And table-painting.

    Today, I went into the bath off the kitchen to find that S-almost-4 had “painted” the mirror with soap and a sponge.

    However, the soap painting was nothing. Last time, she painted the little bathroom with the real paint roller that was soaking (i.e. still full of ‘real’ paint) in the sink. I still have a film of Lavender Sparkle paint on the green tile…

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