Two Totally Non-Narcissistic Nuggets For You

Lately I seem to keep blathering on about my house, my kids, my laundry room, my bath, my paint chips, drone dronedrone blahh blahh blahh. How boring. So I want to share two little things with you that are totally un-self-involved. Enjoy.

These two things are movies I’ve seen of late. And they are truly lovely. You should see them both. Immediately.

First: The Overture.

This is an incredible film. It is a Thai movie, in which they speak Thai (so yes, you will have to read subtitles, unless you happen to also speak Thai). It is at once about traditional Thai music and also the life of one of Thailand’s most revered musicians, Luang Pradit Pairoh. This is a truly fascinating tale, well-told, and with beautiful music to boot. You will cry, but they will be good tears. This is, of course, assuming that you are sensitive to other cultures and don’t ask silly questions about why all the people have black teeth (betel nut) and why they don’t wear shoes in the villages, or why all the musicians play the same song and have veritable duels over who plays it better. If those questions are bothering you, then skip this film and go on to the next.

Second is Across The Universe.

Okay, I don’t normally gush about actors, but that Jim Sturgess guy who stars in this is sssssmokin’! But forget about that for a minute. Let’s focus on the task at hand. This movie is really cool, and clever, and well-done, and fun, and just trippy. (Can I say that? Trippy??) The story is set in the Vietnam-era 1960s, and it’s about a Liverpool lad (named…. Jude, of all things), who somehow comes to America and falls in love with a girl (named… can you guess? You’re right! Lucy!!). It’s a great love story, laced with some great political jibe, tons of super-symbolic imagery, and a slew of fantastic cameos from people like Joe Cocker and Eddie Izzard and even Bono. The hook is that the whole movie is a sort of “musical” based on Beatles songs (sort of like a film version of Mamma Mia on LSD). Wikipedia calls it a “jukebox musical”. If nothing else, rent Across the Universe for the music. Where else can you hear that delicious Jim Sturgess croon “All My Lovin'” (among other songs), “Come Together” performed by Joe Cocker and Martin Luther (which was fantastic- my favorite song in the movie), or “I Am the Walrus” performed by Bono (as Dr. Robert)? Oh, my.

Thank you. And good night.


One thought on “Two Totally Non-Narcissistic Nuggets For You

  1. I LOVED Across the Universe!! I was concerned beforehand that they were going to butcher the music (as was certainly possible, I mean, how can you improve the Beatles?) but somehow they captured the essence of the songs. They didn’t make them better, just different in a really great way. And since I’m in LOVE with Janis Joplin I loved the character based on her personality… fantastic!

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