Paint Chips

Well, it’s officially D-Day, as in, “Deciding [on a color of paint for the bathroom] Day”. Too bad I can’t just call up our president, who I hear is known for his Decider-ing abilities. Yeah, too bad about that.
Anyway, speaking of paint, someone was wondering about paint chips, over which I’m still mulling while trying to choose a color for our bathroom. No, this is not a verb describing the laborious pigmentation of a sliced potato. I’m talking about paint chips.Like these:
Paint Chips.

How, exactly, does one narrow down the veritable plethora of hues, shades, values and intensities to arrive at one singular color that is supposed to be Just Right?

(Sorry about all the synonyms, by the way. Stress makes me redundantly verbose.)

Alas, I do not wish to repeat the harrowing Lavender Sparkle scenario. Thank goodness that color was applied in a laundry room that is hidden deep in the bowels of our home (and the earth, since we have basements in this part of the world) and not something that passers-by might chance seeing as they unsuspectingly went about their daily lives. This new color will live to see the light of day, and all sorts of people. And myself. I will have to fall asleep looking at this color (albeit in the dark, but still… I’ll know it’s there.) Therefore, I must choose carefully. Very, very carefully.

I admit freely that I enjoy a bit of mulling over color choices and hardware and curtains and all that sort of thing. I don’t mind feeling up textiles (furtively, of course, in the back aisles of the clearance/remnant section – discretion is my middle name!-) to choose the best fabric for whatever the application happens to be. I’m totally into the concepts of decorating & design. So this picking thing is not unpleasant. It’s just that I’m no darn good at it. Not at all. And this time, it really counts, and that is making the Picking all that much harder. It’s stressful – hence, the circumlocutory text herein.

Now, I watch a lot of HGTV. And on HGTV, the designers on these shows, the People In The Know, they always seem to draw things out before they actually do them. They tend to have Plans. I’m sure that helps with things immensely. Me? Nope. No plans. I’ve got a sort of vague, fluid, nebulous Notion floating around in me noggin, but no Plan. A Notion is not nearly as strict as a Plan, therefore, I much prefer the former. Unfortunately, this particular Notion does not include what color to paint the new bath. And that color really needs to be not just chosen, but applied in the next day or so, before the cabinets come in and everything gets screwed into place. After that, I’m screwed.

So far, we have tile:

Tile installed, with grout:
Tile with Grout

Honey Oak finish

Baseboards and trim:

  • Sinktop and sinks, in a tan/beige/creamy color. We picked this particular one because it’s called “Castle”. Ohmygod, this is why I’m NOT on HGTV.
  • The fixtures have a brushed stainless finish.
  • So far, I have narrowed it down to something in the “Warm” family. Hey, that’s less than half the colors, so it’s something. And I’ve very definitely Decider-ed against any purples, so we’re moving in the right direction.

    I’m sure I’ll be picking something out of my ass hat at 9:52 PM again, just minutes before the store closes, but at least I’m in the right section of the color wheel.


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