Even The Cat Approves

We have tile down in the master bath.

Yesterday, my BIL came over to finish removing the old tile and lay down the new stuff. The new stuff looks like this, incidentally:


I don’t know if this tile is any good, but it’s rather reassuring to see it’s “Designed to Endure”. Good thing I didn’t pick the one that was “Designed To Crack The First Time Someone Stepped On It.” That would be just like me to do that.

When working on remodeling projects this time of year, one has to just make do, regardless of the fact that there’s still a foot of snow on the ground.

Tile Saw

At first, our cat was not certain about the whole business. She was rather skeptical, in fact.

Checking Out The Tile

She has, fortunately, given her reluctant approval to the whole process.

Kitty's Not Certain

It must have been the craftsmanship with which the tile was laid that clinched it for Kitty. And for once, I’m not being even the slightest bit sarcastic. My BIL did a pretty nice job with the tile, I have to say.

Installing Tile


Still mulling over those paint chips, however. Eeeeek.


2 thoughts on “Even The Cat Approves

  1. Yes, these are very exciting times. Especially when you have things like a commode sitting in your shower stall. That makes for some darn good excitement.

    Paint Chips are color samples that the paint companies have handy for you to take home and hold up against your wall, to decide what shade to pick for your project. Most suave people call them something else, but I can’t remember what that is, so I call ’em paint chips.

    I will have to post the ones I’ve been eyeballing. Maybe you can help me decide (please!!!)

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