Everything Including The Kitchen (er, Bathroom) Sink

I’ve been busy lately. Really busy. Some things are possibly happening around here, but I don’t want to say more lest I jinx everything. Let’s just say that we are trying to make the place look really nice. And when I say really, I mean really.

We are blessed or fortunate or have worked hard (or some combination of those operators) enough to live in a lovely home. It’s a fascinating place, with lots of unique details and an interesting history. The previous owners took very good care of it, and made some nice updates. There were a few rooms that needed “refreshed” (including the laundry), and we’ve been working on those very gradually- changing out plumbing, touching up the paint here and there, replacing dated or worn-out items, etc.

I joke about each project being the Project to End All Projects, but truthfully, it’s so satisfying to work like mad at these jobs and then step back and see the fruit of all your labor. We’ve done a lot of the work ourselves, and it’s something we’re proud of. Plus, I think it’s good for the kids to see mom and dad (both) working around the house. I learned so much from my parents, who were always taking on projects. I want my kids to grow up with at least a general idea of how to do things.

Our master bath is the newest project. This is one of the interesting features of the house, as it was originally a porch. (Who wouldn’t want to shower and shave on the porch? I ask you.) I’ll have to take the last owners’ word for it, though, ’cause we’ve only known it as a bath. By the time we got here, the master bath was no longer porchy. It was bathroomy.  It had a nice walk-in shower, a newer commode, and a pretty tile border on a portion of the floor. The rest of the room, however, has (had) carpet, which I’m not fond of in either kitchens or baths. There was also a very large vanity, but it was quite old, and the sinks were a retro “goldenrod” color. (Much like my basement fridge and stove, come to think of it!) There was also some rather… um… bold wallpaper on the back wall behind the vanity, and the rest of the walls were a cold grey color. To be honest, the bath was well-maintained and carefully done, but it was just not to my taste. Not at all. And the sinks were just dreadfully dated. (Sorry, M!)

When I remodeled my office last fall, I had to strip some wallpaper. So I took advantage of the bucket of stripper I had mixed anyway, and took down the master bath wallpaper. This was in September. For over six months, we have been looking at a raw wall, with just a little coat of sizing on it over the drywall. Nothing like grabbing the bull by the horns, forgetting all about the bull AND the horns, and heading over to the concession stand to eat cheese fries while the bull runs himself silly in the ring.

But we’re back. We’re busy. We’re tearin’ the place up. Literally. Look. Here’s my sink this morning:


As you can see, I keep a tidy house. Oh, yessirree. But when I clean, I mean BIZness:


What? You mean you don’t clean your bathroom with a crowbar and a sawsall? Well, shoot.

Now, my batteries are on the charger, so I can’t take pictures of the latest developmints til the morning, but I’ll tell ya that the carpet is rolled up and in the trash, and the cabinet is in bits. My brother in law took all the wood to be recycled. I did keep one of the bigger drawers, to put who-knows-what in. I’m sure I will fill it with something.

We’ve found a fantastic deal on some decent ceramic tile to put down on the floor, which will be really nice (albeit a tad chilly…).  The tile goes down tomorrow, and then I have to paint before the new vanity and sinktop arrive.

Now. Lest we have a repeat of the Lavender Sparkle color-choice (which LUCKILY turned out fine, though it could have been quite disastrous, since it was made in a rush just minutes before the hardware store was about to close), let us think long and hard about what paint color to put in this room. I’m leaning towards a sagey green, something fairly light but not pastel. We’ll have to post some pictures of the new tile tomorrow and see if anyone has any suggestions, seeing as I am so not good at this interior decorating thing.

Give me a hammer and a sawsall any day. But paint chips? Eeeeeeek.


2 thoughts on “Everything Including The Kitchen (er, Bathroom) Sink

  1. I have it on good authority that the former owners didn’t put up that wallpaper, either. Sources say it was there from the mid-seventies. *LOL* no one else liked it!

    On another note? Yay Sawzalls!

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