I Just Have To Mention

It’s a ridiculous hour, like 2:30 in the morning (but not as ridiculous as breakfast at 9AM, that’s for certain).  I am so tired that I’m dizzy, on top of having just downed a slice of homemade chocolate cake AND drinking some malted pseudo-vodka incarnation that someone left in my fridge AND watching a foreign movie into the wee hours of the night.  But there are two very important things I must post before collapsing into bed.

One: I am not a fan of Penelope Cruz when she speaks English.  However, you should see Volver, if you have not already.  What a fantastic little film.  Loved it.  You will, too.  I promise.

Two: People from New Zealand are even more delicious than malted pseudo-vodka incarnations, even ones consumed while watching Penelope Cruz speak Spanish to her dead mother in the windiest city ever imagined.  Oh, yes, they are simply the most wonderful people on earth.  I received a delightful little package from Sarah Bean today, see, so I have proof.  I’ll take photos tomorrow when I’ve sobered up found the camera batteries and have some energy to post details.  Let’s just say that Sarah sent me a beautiful bookmark in a colorway that is exactly what I imagine New Zealand to be.  And let’s also just say that I now totally understand what a Peanut Slab is.  In the U.S., you could never get away with using the word “Slab” in the name of a candy bar.  I don’t think so, anyway.  But New Zealand is a land apart.  They do things there in style, they do.  I think I should like to move to New Zealand, if Oregon isn’t in the cards.


Volver + Frou-frou-trashy-malty-drink + Peanut Slabs on a Friday night is just….



(Thank you, Sarah!  Your prezzie is almost finished, too!)

(So’s yours, E!)


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