Signs Of Spring

We’ve had snow off and on the past two weeks. We’ll get a bunch of the stuff, then it sits around for a day or two and glaciates, then the weather warms up to some ridiculous spring-like temperature and everything melts. This is generally followed by a day of rain, a day of treacherous sleet, and then we’re back to the snow. This time of year, the weather in Ohio is a perfect display of Mother Nature’s bipolar side.

In between snowfall/rainfall/melt-it-all cycles, there are about fifteen minutes where we have no precipitation falling and nothing accumulated. I managed to get out and traipse through the yard during one of these rare reprieves, looking for any signs that this ridiculous winter might someday be over with. As luck would have it, there were a few positive portents:


Those, in case you don’t recognize them (I wouldn’t), are daffodils. The early shoots thereof, anyway. The happy news is that these shoots are from some bulbs I divided and transplanted last fall, so at least I did something right in the garden for this year. Here’s one of the mama clumps, too- still alive, even after I hacked at it with my trowel:


What’s that, O2? You think I’m too hasty with the springtime stuff? More bad weather is coming our way?


Oh, don’t be silly. It’s the end of February already, for goodness’ sake. This snow has got to stop sometime…


Um… anytime now, snow, you can stop…


Gawd. Will it never end?? (Apparently not.)

Oh, well. Might as well grin…


…and bear it, right?


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