Trying To Be Clever

Guess what? I made something in my new studio. And it’s sort of nice, even.

Using this awesome tutorial, and some stashed fabric, I managed to put together a lovely little fabric basket/box thingie that actually resembles the original pattern. Can you imagine how exciting that is for me? (Very.)

So… drum roll, a loooong, drawn out one on a deep timpani….

scroll just a bit more.. I wanted to surprise you (and keep the drum roll going a little longer)….

Here it is…

…my super-duper creation…

Taa Daaa!


Why, yes, my fabric box does look a tad bit circular. Thank you for noticing. I probably should have put the extra sheet of underlayment in that they suggested for baskets whose walls turned out a bit floppy. But I didn’t have enough patience material and really wanted to finish it and, well, here we are.

I love this contrasting fabric inside the box:


I’m not pleased with the handles. I think it is a design issue and not an execution one, but I’m not a good enough sewer to criticize designs yet. At least, not publicly. Between you and me, the handle setup is wonky.  The way you fold the top 2″ of the box down into the interior, you end up with the handles 2″ down inside, as well.  Try lifting up on them, and your lining will want to come up with the handles, since it is only attached to the exterior fabric along the top seam.  The pattern says to glue the box-bottom down, catching the lining underneath it.  However, that was definitely not sturdy enough to hold the lining in place all by its lonesome.  I stitched the lining down the sides, which helped a bit, but I still don’t feel like I could lift the box up by its handles.

Especially with a phone book inside.

That side-stitching, however, definitely has some execution issues:


Otherwise, though, I am pleased. And this fabric basket is already full of Stuff, so it works.

I think I’ll try the smaller version, too. There’s enough fabric left over to make my basket a matching little sister.

See what happens when you move from an Office to a Studio??  Gawd.  I should have done that ages ago.


3 thoughts on “Trying To Be Clever

  1. *blush* aww… thanks! Yes, I love that fabric, too. I bought it intending to make some cushions for my family room, but never got around to it. I think it will look better as baskets than pillows, honestly. Our family room is very reserved and plain!

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