It’s All a Matter of Perspective

There was a time when I worked (for money). For many many many years, I went to an office every day. A few years ago, I started going to my own office, one that my mom and I rented and from which we ran a little company. When I found out S3.5 was on the way, I moved the office to my house. Since then, this particular room (which now houses my computer, desk, sewing machine, and crafty bits & pieces) has been known as “Mom’s Office”.

I no longer get money for all my hard work. It might sound like a demotion, but it’s not. Not really. I love being Mom. It’s changed me in ways I could never have imagined. (Most of those changes were positive…!) Having children has allowed me to re-create myself, as if I had wrapped myself up in a coccoon, gestated along with my babies, and then came out on the other side of motherhood as someone else.

Now, I feel like it’s time to spread my wings a bit.

I still call this room my “office”, but that doesn’t feel right any more. I don’t conduct business here, other than paying our household bills and making a few miscellaneous telephone calls when necessary. I work in here, but my work is now creative, even artistic. I sew (badly). I work yarn. I waste countless hours on the Internet look online for ideas and inspiration, and dream about projects to make, bake or stitch. I don’t want to call this room an “office” anymore. It stifles the creative process.

So I’m trying out “studio”. Gawd. That sounds so snooooty, so uppity. My aunt, who is an accomplished painter, has a studio. I am not accomplished. I don’t know if I deserve a studio. But I want one. “Studio” it is.

Now that I have a Studio, I’m making things like crazy. I still feel awkward saying things like, “Okay, kids, get the hell out of Mommy’s Studio“, but it’s becoming more natural every time I say it.

The only problem is that this room doesn’t quite feel Studio-ish yet. I do have good curtains:


See? Oh, wait- look at this part:


Check that out- beaded trim on the tieback. Doesn’t that just scream “STUDIO!!!”? Ha. Take that, you “offices” everywhere.

But, while I do have very cool curtains, there are a few problem areas. For example, I do not have a large work surface. The reason for this is because all horizontal surfaces, floor included, are cluttered with Stuff.

There is stuff on the edge of my desk:


There is stuff on the floor:


Let’s not even talk about the stuff in the sewing machine area:


We can completely forget about the work table, too:


I guess the first order of business, then, would include some sort of Cleaning, followed by some other sort of Organizing. But, after that, I think I am totally free and clear to rename this place my Studio.

Look, I’ve started already:


Just please ignore the mess on either side/above/below the clean spot.  Now.  Doesn’t that look studio-ish? Studious? Oh, I think so. I really, really do.

And now, it’s a ridiculous hour and I really need to be sleeping, as my in-laws are coming over for our weekly breakfast at the ridiculous hour of 9AM and I have to make coffee in the big pot which takes like four times longer than my small pot, so it will be ages before I have caffeine and can function, so I have to get up extra early to accomodate all that. Whoever heard of eating breakfast at 9AM anyway, I ask you. Hmmm? Ridiculous. So antithesis to my soon-to-be-awesome studio.


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