Waaay Behind on the Paying it Forward

I totally forgot about the Pay It Forward thing. Crikey. What is wrong with me? Well, apparently lots, but we’ll just skip over all that for now. Let’s just focus on the fact that there are three lovely people who screamed, “PICK ME! PICK MEE!!!” left comments on my Pay It Forward offer-post, and now all three are entitled to an equally lovely* gift, handmade by moi-self, within the next 365 362 days. Ahem.

Without further ado, then, if dear Lisa and Embejo would care to send me their contact info, I shall straightaway get down to business and make you each a nice little handmade something-or-other. Sarah Bean, I have your address already, and I will make you a nice little handmade something-or-other, too. It might even have Reeses cups in it. Maybe. Is all I’m saying.

*Lovely is, of course, a relative term, and a subjective one. However, I sincerely hope that you will agree that your gift is lovely. Or at least not lousy. That’s my hope.

ETA: You girls probably don’t want to just stick your whole personal name and address stuff in the comments section, do you?  No??  Well, then you can email them to phaeon at yahoo (dot com) instead.


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