I’m A Dorky Dork Dork

Don’t ask me how I found out about it, because I honestly have no idea, but I finally got my invitation to Ravelry.  As if I didn’t have enough time sucks other vital and important things to do on the internet all day, there is now a cult community dedicated to All Things Yarny.

Along with drawing a new laundry room layout on Google SketchUp 3D today, I spent a considerable amount of time cataloguing – of all things – my yarn stash.

And my yarn stash, friends, is embarassing.

I have no fewer than 47 skeins of catalogued yarn.  I have an entire storage box of UNcatalogued yarn, and that does not include the 13 skeins I bought at my local yarn shop’s sale two weeks ago.  If I unraveled all of my yarn and tied the ends together, I bet I could reach the moon.  I think I shall be knitting for a very, very long time.

Too bad I haven’t figured out how to surf the web and knit simultaneously.   But, hey, I’m not a total dork.



One thought on “I’m A Dorky Dork Dork

  1. No less geeky than trying to decide what to do with your entire yarn stash….I’ve been working on small projects for the last week trying to use up stuff I’ve got, b/c I have forbidden myself to buy ANY new yarn until most of the old is used up. I’m pretty sure there’s 30 or so skeins in that big plastic tub o’ mine.

    Ahhh, addictions.

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