Nice and Neat

These old people in FlorEEda like things nice and neat.  Yesterday, my mom’s neighbor was washing off his back porch with a garden hose.  This porch is enclosed, with a concrete wall that’s knee-high and screened windows going the rest of the way up.  There’s not a lot of nature coming in to a porch like that.  But, he was out there with a garden hose and a squeegee on a long handle, obviously designed for old people to use to clean off their porches.  Or their driveways.  They clean the driveways here a lot, too.  I guess it’s because they’re all old and retired and have nothing better to do in the nice weather.

They like things very orderly down here, they do.  The houses all get their lawns mowed every other hour day, it seems.  Everything is lined up, arranged just so.  The homogenity of it all is quite yawnsome.  But it sure is tidy.


Thank goodness they can’t see my house. They’d all have strokes or heart attacks for sure.


2 thoughts on “Nice and Neat

  1. ohhhhhhhhhhhhh. that is just about giving me a stroke or a heartattack thinking about looking at that every morning :-O Very claustrophobic, er, tidy.
    Hope you are having fun!

  2. That’s exactly what I thought- claustrophobic. Looking at all these tidy yards makes me twitch. I miss my messy leaves and weeds!

    However, it’s warm and sunny. At home, it’s near 0 and cold. So there are a few redeeming qualities to vacationing in FlorEEda…

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