Paying It FORward

There’s another cute little meme floating around. No, wait- come back! It’s not what you’re thinking!! Instead of making lists of your 101 most unusual quirks, or trying to come up with the fifty best songs you ever had sex to, this one involves putting up a post about nothing and then giving something away to three of the people who leave you comments.

Actually, it’s much more exciting than my drab, uninspired write-up. But, I’m in FlorEEda, and it’s sunny here, and the sun makes my Northern brain all foggy and gooey because the brain, under the mistaken impression that it is currently Winter in the northern hemisphere, is in hibernation. That’s my excuse, anyway. I’ll have to come up with something else for a few months from now, when it’s actually summer where I live.

Thank you, Sarah Bean and Embejo, for this lovely exercise. You are wonderful people and I want you to know that I really, really mean it. Actually, I just want a chance at winning pretty, handmade things from your blogs. But please don’t tell anyone. People will think I’m shallow.

Anyway, if you leave me a little comment, and IF you agree to post a similar offer on your own blog, and IF there are more than, say, two people who comment here, and IF said people are patient and nice, than I, too, shall send out something pretty and handmade to a random selection of three people. IF they email me with their postal addresses after being selected winners, of course.

Crap. Everyone who reads this blog is in New Zealand. Well, good thing our government hasn’t pissed you all off yet and I can still send packages your way. That’s a relief.

Therefore, I, MotherMe (aka “Jen”), hereby promise to send out something pretty and handmade (read: most likely knitted, since that’s about the only nice and pretty thing I can handmake that won’t spoil or fail to pass customs) to a random selection of three commentors on this post. Said comments must be made before Monday, 11 February 2008 (which is when I come back from FlorEEda). Said prize will be sent to you within 365 days – or, before 12 February 2009, this being a leap year and all.


ETA: Since only Lisa commented before the original deadline, and this isn’t any fun unless there are actually three or more people, I’m going to extend the deadline to Valentine’s Day, 14 February 2008, at midnight Eastern Standard Time (GMT -5). But to be fair, the commentors who posted by the original deadline will automatically win (yay, Lisa!). That means that the rest of you will be in a random drawing for the other two  coveted handmade-probably-knitty thingy spots.  Ta ta.


7 thoughts on “Paying It FORward

  1. Hey! What about me? I stalk uhm I mean read your blog! Except I am without talent. That’s the part that always trips me up. Have fun in FlorEEda 🙂

  2. well, i was restraining myself from commenting because, I already joined somewhere else and I thought it was a bit dodgy to play in two places, without offering to make SIX things from my own blog, which I am so not up for because that means one every 2 months and frankly even one every 4 months is a little scary of a COMMITMENT, but, i’m getting to the point, I just read on your latest post about your gobsmacking yarn stash and so i gotta be in to win a little sumpinsumpin from such a yarn-goddess.

  3. I certainly don’t think you need to offer up six things to play in two places. The rules do not suggest, in any way, shape or form, that you must offer three things for EACH entry. They simply say that you must offer three things in order to play. So I am operating under the {selfish} notion that I only need to offer three things one time, after which point I am free to participate willy-nilly in as many Pay It Forward contests as I can possibly bring myself to post in without feeling terribly guilty or tacky or obnoxious (which, at this point, is approximately three). So I think you should also feel completely at ease with throwing your hat in as many rings as you can. Taa-daaa.

  4. Yes…you see I was holding back too because it seemed a bit cheeky to play here too! But Whatever…I’m giving out three, and so if I win the other two I’ve entered, I’m still technically paying one forward hey!?

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