Shee Ya Shoon, Now.

My little two-year-old is so cute.  When someone is leaving, she waves, like most two-year-olds do.  But then she’ll say, “Bye-bye… see ya soon, now.  Okay.”  As if that weren’t just the most adorable thing ever, she says it in this babyish little way that comes out more like “shee ya shoon”.

Tonight, we had a little group of friends/family over for the Superbowl.  As everyone was leaving, she was Miss Hostess, walking them to their shoes by the door and then sending them off with a “bye-bye… shee ya shoon, now.”  Oh.  I wish I could bottle up all that cuteness.

The kids are sleeping now, most of the dishes are done, and all that’s left to do is pack for our Florida trip.  It figures that my dryer broke today.  There was some momentary panic when I realized that the 25 pounds of sopping wet laundry sitting in the washing machine was very likely to mildew before I got back if I didn’t get it dried.  Fortunately, I was able to run it up the street to my mom’s (“Nana’s OHIO house,” as S3.5 calls it) and toss it in her dryer.  Hooray.

So, I’m off to bed, and tomorrow, we’re off to Florida.  I’ve got a bunch of turkey leftovers in the fridge for DH to eat while I’m gone, so he won’t starve (or live on ice cream and hot dogs, which is the more likely scenario).  Every last little pretzel is gone, and that’s twice now that I’ve made them and had no leftovers.  Keep that nugget in your hat for when you need a good party snack idea.  The cupcakes are half gone, but I stashed the rest in DH’s truck to take to work tomorrow so I won’t be tempted to eat them all on the airplane.

Guess that’s all.  I’m off to bed.

Shee ya shoon, now.  Okay.  Bye bye.


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