A friend recently posted a blog entry with the same title.  She was referring to someone spilling the beans about an upcoming new episode of her favorite teevee show.  Me?  I’m talking about food, of course.

I’m spoiled when it comes to food.  I’m getting more and more particular about what I like  as I do more home cooking and baking.  First, it was coffee.  I can’t drink a cup that came from beans ground more than 12 hours ago (minutes ago are preferrable, but I do sometimes set the timer overnight.)  Then came eggs.  There is no comparison between those stale, pale orbs lurking in styrofoam containers under grocery store fluorescent lights and the beautiful, big brown beauties I get from my farmer friends.  I swear, you can taste the difference, even in your baked goods.

Today, we made lemon cupcakes to take to a playdate.  They were light, luscious, and… well, damn lemony.  The lemon glaze (powdered sugar blended with enough fresh lemon juice to make a syrup) on top was a tart little teaser to the tender, fluffy, lightly-lemoned cake below.  There’s just no comparison between these fresh little puffs of baked benevolence and the store-bought variety.  Even the kids could tell.  As I stuffed down my second third cupcake, my mouth practically sighed in ecstacy.

It’s amazing what a difference fresh makes.  These cakes had fresh lemon juice, fresh lemon zest, fresh eggs, and fresh milk in them.  I can only imagine how amazing they might have been if I had a grain grinder to make fresh flour.

Talk about your “spoiled”.


5 thoughts on “Spoiled

  1. Grain-grinder? Careful you don’t cross the line from spoiled to … well, odd! Just kidding though, the cupcakes sound delicious. I do love me some lemon desserts!

  2. hmmm, I don’t think I want to hear anymore about how insane my fangirly behavior is when you’ve got some foodie stuff goin’ on.

    (Oh, damn. I just remembered that I share most of those foodie fascinations. *sigh* There’s no hope for normalcy for me.)

  3. Lisa, there is nothing odd about owning a grain grinder.

    Using one might be odd. But owning one certainly is not. 😉

    And Lucy, I never meant to suggest your fangirlieness is insanity. Not at all! But please remember that I have YOU to thank for all my current obsessions (well, except perhaps the kiddos. That I would blame on DH. Entirely.)

  4. I should take on a new title.

    Instead of Lucy, Queen of the Geeks, I shall be Lucy, Spreader of Obsessions.

    On second thought….nah. I like the Queen of the Geeks title better. Sounds less corrupting, somehow.

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