Oh, Crap.

So I have this friend, a woman who used to work with my husband, who wants to come visit today.  She has two girls who are the same ages as my two DDs.  The older one is like two months younger than DD1.  Our younger girls are like six weeks apart.  They all love each other and get along famously.  They have a ball together.  Unfortunately, we live about 40 minutes away from each other, so we only get together about once a month.

Anyway, this friend called on Friday to ask if they could come visit today.  I missed her calls, and since I am so lame and don’t ever check my voice mails (you could email me and get a response in five seconds, but if you call… well, you’re taking a big chance on getting called back EVER) I didn’t get her message.  So she called this morning at 9AM, and I was still in bed (eeep!) (we had a late night with the kids, so leave me alone), and asked if they could  visit as her older DD really really wanted to see DD1.  And of course I said…. yes.

So now, it is 9:19, and my house is not clean and my kids are still in bed and I have not showered and there’s nothing for lunch let alone breakfast and I still have at least thirty blogs to check  a lot of important things to do online and I haven’t even had my coffee yet and they will be here by eleven.  What am I going to do!?!?

I should just skip the extraneous stuff, do the important things and not worry about the rest of it, right?  Right.

I’m going to get some coffee, then.  I’ll have about an hour online before they get here.


5 thoughts on “Oh, Crap.

  1. Em, you’re right, which is why I opted for coffee and internet. However, I did load the dishwasher and make homemade mac & cheese. So I feel absolutely no guilt whatsoever about my decision. 🙂

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