Niceties the Whole World Over

Okay, I love my American friends, but you New Zealanders are just like the Nicest People in the Whole Wide World. I truly hope Ohio has plate-tectonically shifted down your way so I can just drive right over and hug you all.

First, there is Sarah Bean, who totally rocks WHILE smelling like flowers and desserts, and who mentioned this blog in her list of Daily Dose blogs. And so that would mean that this blog got its First Award Ever. And I will put it right here for you to gawk at and be jealous over:

Daily Dose Award

(And if you have paid any attention, you will notice that I am trying very very very hard to post more often than, say, twice a month, just to feel like I actually deserve an award, which I don’t, but which I’m very grateful for and happy about, anyway.)

More nice New Zealanders… right. Well, there is the Kate of the Five Kiwis, who left a sweet and nice and thoughtful comment yesterday, even though she doesn’t know me from Eve and even though didn’t have to visit, let alone leave a comment, but did anyway because she is Just That Nice (or felt sorry for me, which is also just fine).

And, of course, there is the sweet and lovely Embejo, whose blog I somehow stumbled upon and who is, I swear, my separated-at-birth twin, because she writes exactly what I am thinking, except worded much, much, much better.

Then today, after having this blog’s Best Day Ever on January 10 with 19 hits, I had another Best Day Ever today with 26 hits. TWENTY SIX! Because all of these incredibly nice people from New Zealand are coming to read my blather, I have, like, QUADDRUPLE my normal blog traffic. Before you know it, people, I will have to start going incognito to the grocery store.

If I ever get to go to New Zealand, that is.


4 thoughts on “Niceties the Whole World Over

  1. Kia Ora from another member of your kiwi fan club :). I am loving those lemon bars you made, when you come to New Zealand to sleep on Beanie’s porch can you bring some??? 🙂 Hay….Oh, and stop being so mice to Sarah, she already has big head issues….your only making it worse 😉

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