Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery. Really.

Some friends are coming over tonight to watch movies, and I want to make a special treat for them to munch on. Since I’m not very clever at coming up with ideas myself, I’m copying someone else and making these:

Lemon Bars

and these:

Mini Soft Pretzels

I just love reading the Smitten Kitchen, and her food porn photography just makes me wet. With drooling, of course. Anyway, these seemed like the perfect thing to make for my husband and our cohorts. The lemon bars are actually in the oven right now. They may or may not be good, as I had a lot of “help” with them.


It was pretty easy to make the shortbread crust. Just butter, sugar, salt and flour. Here it is, all toasty and cooling down before adding the filling:


Please ignore the bottle of rum, top right corner. Ahem. It is for cooking purposes. Right, that’s it. “Cooking alcohol”. Absolutely.

As I was saying, the lemon bars are in the oven, smelling yummy, and honestly, I’m quite sober. But even without impaired judgement, I totally neglected to take a picture of the lemon filling before putting the bars in to bake. Boo. So, just to prove that we used real lemons and not Real Lemon™, here is some evidence:


and here:


There were actually more lemons, but they have mysteriously disappeared. As did DD2, coincidentally. (Coincidence? I think NOT.)

Updates coming soon.


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