Kitchen Gear I’m Coveting

Now that Christmas is over, I feel it totally appropriate to make and post a list of all the stuff I’d just love to have in my kitchen. I couldn’t do it before, lest it seem like a Santa Wish List, or worse: a gift-registry, or something equally tacky. The timing in early January is so much better. That’s right; a self-indulgent, all-about-me List. I feel I’ve earned it.

First off, I’d love-love-love a new coffee grinder. I have a blade-style Capresso that was a housewarming gift when I bought my first house. It works fairly well, but I’m becoming a coffee snob afficionado, and the blade grinders are totally inferior to the burr mills. Besides, I think it would be nice to get accurate grinds for different brewing methods and bean types. Call me crazy, but that’s what I think.

Second on the list would be a Microplane grater. I grate things several times a day. Between cheeses and carrots, onion and apples, it sure would be nice to trade up to a good, stainless, ergonomic, sharp grater. Not that I don’t appreciate my little box-grater, mind you. It’s fine for doing up a pound of mixed cheese for macaroni. But nutmeg? Orange peel? Lemon rind? Let’s just say, “not so much”.

While we’re at it, I think it would be nice to get a bigger rice cooker. My dear Oregonian auntie introduced me to the joys of rice cookers last year at this time, when we were visiting her. On our return, I found a post on our local Cheapcycle for a brand-new, never used rice cooker for $5. I bought it, and use it several times a week. It works great. However, it can only make about 3 rice-cooker cups (which is much less than three actual cups; darn those metric-loving Chinese). And that is simply Not Enough for a growing family who likes rice.

Finally, I would really like a new stove. I have a gas cooktop now, which works sort of well. I mean, it lights, and that’s really all that stoves do, right? The problem with my cooktop is that the pan grates don’t stay put. So, when I plonk my heavy cast iron frying pan down, or tip the Le Creuset oven to ladle out soup, the grate slides off its tiny, useless little divot in the cooktop. This, in turn, causes whatever pan or pot is atop it to tip over or slide off. I’m sure this is a fire or burn hazard. At best, it’s damn annoying, and most cooking sessions involve at least one utterance of “this F*@$ing PIECE OF SH*T”. Referring, of course, to the stovetop.

Combining the annoying stovetop with the fact that my wall oven is a tad too small, I’ve decided that the best course of action would be to rip out the stovetop and cabinets underneath it and install one of these :

Eight burners and a double oven!

With eight burners and a double oven, I’m sure I could whip up amazing dinners with ease, instead of with my current bitching and moaning. My kids could eat without learning new curse phrases. And moi?

All I’d need would be a new set of pots and pans.


2 thoughts on “Kitchen Gear I’m Coveting

  1. Ok first, I have to admit to having scanned first, looking for pictures. And on seeing that oven, I just about died of seething jealousy over your awesome oven.

    But it’s a wishlist oven, so I will get over it, and read the rest of the post, less seethingly green.

    I love my rice cooker too. I thought hubby was a bit mental buying one to start with, (well, i think that a lot, just quietly) but once again I have to grudgingly admit that he was right. It is awesome.

    Also with you on the need for a whizzbang grater, although, only after reading your post. Up until then I had never thought to be disatisfied with my grater. So, y’know, thanks for that đŸ˜‰

  2. If I had an oven like that, I would not be writing about the things I want for my kitchen. I would be making bechamel sauces and poaching eggs and making souffles the size of the Eiffel tower. Well, not literally, as such a souffle would probably not be good for the old oven. But you know what I mean. All that’s assuming I knew how to cook those things, which I don’t, but I would definitely practice practice practice because it would be just so much fun to make anything, including plain old boiled water, on such a decadent kitchen stove. And I don’t have one. So I’m whining about it all here instead. Anyway, you’re totally welcome for the I-want-new-kitchen-stuff virus. Better that than a meme, though, right?!

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